Inbound Marketing at the Citadel

Hosted by Kula and Hubspot at the Halifax Citadel, this Inbound Marketing Week event was kicked off with the lovely sound of bagpipes!

Providing a positive spin for fellow Haligonians, Kula’s Carman underlined how technology has changed the world to where we can now truly say, “Sell anywhere, work from here”. It’s music to local ears, since it seems that most people choose to live here for social and lifestyle reasons.

The Inbound marketing is about bringing the business to you, the trick is have something that people want and communicate it appropriately. Once you do of course gently carry your potential customer to the point of asking them for the sale, giving them the right things at the right time so they stick with you. Kula uses a funny sounding series of acronyms of to describe the stages: TOFU - MOFU - BOFU -- which refer to the Top/Middle/Bottom Of the FUnnel.

TOFU - attract with useful tools and content - show people what you are good at (and that you’re nice people and willing to share).
  • White papers
  • Infographics
  • ROI calculators

MOFU - engage with conversation
  • Emails
  • Social

BOFU - close the lead by getting down to business
  • Consultation
  • Quote

Since people are sensitive about giving any information, it’s important to ask for only what is truly required to keep the conversation going. Ask too much, and people will just disappear. To help us we have increasingly more sophisticated tools, such as HubSpot. They let you quietly track prospects starting with when they first visit you or respond to a promotional email. Some tools can be downright creepy, by utilizing what they learn to place ads or content in the path of the prospect.

Inbound marketing benefits include:
  • Measurable
  • It works (vs. outbound which is becoming less and less effective)
  • Supports rapid iterations so you can fine tune it
  • Provides valuable data for sales
  • Sync with CRM
  • Source reports show where you can spend marketing dollars for best impact

I learned a lot from this, and enjoyed meeting fellow attendees and our hosts.
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