ProductCamp Halifax?

I moved to Halifax in November 2013, since then I’ve been learning how much is going on in high tech -- interesting startups, some big players in town, and everything in between. I was soon guided to the Third Wednesday event by a buddy I worked with at ActiveState. There I met some great people, and heard more about the Halifax scene. I signed up for PodCamp, but being a newbie at Atlantic weather, was too chicken to brave the roads to attend it after we got hit by a storm. It apparently got an excellent turnout, despite the weather (lesson learned: “just go!”). The night before PodCamp was an awards event for a mobile apps competition. And so on... there’s lots happening.

One of the most popular and successful events for product managers and marketers are ProductCamps (or P-Camps as they say in California). These unconferences have spread worldwide, run by the attendees, for the attendees. I've volunteered as part of the core team at ProductCamp Vancouver for several years, and really enjoyed them.

So I reckon it would be an excellent event for Halifax! I also see it designed as complement to
PodCamp Halifax.

Pragmatic Marketing has promoted ProductCamps for years, and offers guidelines for them -- PM’s business is in-person courses for product management and marketing, which have become the de facto standard for formal training in those disciplines.

There’s lots to do to get this off the ground, so as a start let’s break it down into three phases:

1. Viability/Interest Level Assessment: can and should it happen?
2. Planning: build team, get ducks in a row...
3. Execution: pick a date and make it happen!

Phase 1 starts here!

I’ve created a
Facebook page for people to express their interest, share ideas, and to eventually promote the event.

If you are interested in helping or know people who might be, get in touch!
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